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黄山 张起灵|韩国水脂肪Chapter 25 the greatest weakness is the sovereign"So it was a surprise." Lu smiled confidently and understood jia xu's meaning naturally: "although the chance is not big, I still want to have a try before cao meng DE reacts. If I can succeed, I will occupy all the land in hebei province and become the hegemon of the north, ruling the north across the river from cao meng DE.""Be."

After liu bei's half-life rush about, the mind city mansion early is not former days comparable, the look on the face does not change, turn a head to see sima lang to smile to say: "Sir, the army has no food and grass, next how?""This...... There was some misunderstanding." Liu bei forced a smile.Liu biao did not speak, but looked at her quietly.黄山 张起灵|If so keep lyu3 bu4 wins, pang tong estimated final family with lyu3 bu4 mainly, have to give up a lot of privilege, this is different from cao cao governors such as central plains, because regardless of cao cao, liu table or sun quan, milan, they are people belong to a family of giants, even can see that the harm of family, but the body is in the family of the huge system, a lot of things, they can only in subtle ways to resolve gradually, and lu bu is equal to people outside the family of the system, he doesn't need to follow the rules of family circle he has to do is a powerful force to break the rules, then on this basis, Establish the rule that belongs to lv bu again, namely the legal system that lv bu often says!

黄山 张起灵|...So-called hybrid learning, in fact, no matter which college did not open before, mainly artisan class is given priority to, also have some other is seen as a given, but chang an academy in the miscellaneous school almost no students, mostly learned a variety of characters in communication, everyone has a specialty talents, zhang liao is short of people around, so only from miscellaneous school caught a batch Numbers anyway, these people how much some skill, may help you.Lyu3 bu4 wen4 yan, thought to think, wry smile way: "is my impatient some."

"Childe stay a little, and see me shoot him in the left eye!" Huang zhong also did not answer, for him, this person already is a dead person, appeased liu qi after 1, draw a bow to take an arrow directly, also do not look closely, toward the other side an arrow shoot."How?" Zhang liao laughed and shook his head and said, "he is so incompetent that he really doesn't see it in his eyes. It is only the current situation that he must fight quickly and make a quick decision. However, gao gan chose the most stupid way of fighting.Zhu yan is zhang yan's real name, later with zhang niujiao, after his death inherited zhang niujiao forces, also changed his name to zhang yan, at the moment guan hai chu yan commensurate, in a sense, but also do not recognize the current zhang yan this Montenegro army leader identity.黄山 张起灵|




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