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paofangwuyuetian|匹克自行车"Here!" Xu rong smiled and nodded, he has understood lyu3 bu4 motive."Kill!" D eyes, flashed a faint cold light, make no secret of his intention to kill the candidate, if not for the bastard, even Mei county hay was burned, oneself also have now stood in the city of huaili, enjoy the fruits of victory, rather than like a lost dog like now connect to the hay of the armed forces can't get out.Chapter V Oath to Break an Arrow

Lombardi was about to break up, after the hall, suddenly rushed out of a healthy woman, to lombardi hurried way: "adult, big bad, little childe he... fell ill!"Hua tuo smiled and said, "this is zhang xiu, a man of wuwei ancestral history, who is a great general under the command of the west."paofangwuyuetian|"Marriage?" Xun yu frowned: "just master a few daughters are still young, I'm afraid..."

paofangwuyuetian|"Can't, so fight on, not only kill the huns, our brothers, also will be folded in wuwei!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and dryly swallowed his saliva: "Now only soldiers line dangerous recruits, besieging the wei to save zhao, let the huns withdraw their troops, the rest, can only believe pound!""Master, with our current military strength, I'm afraid...""Very rare, changwen to me changan today, when it is really full of glory!" Lyu3 bu4 will hand bamboo paper spread out: "jewelry ten welcome, jade 100 pieces, gold and silver hundred jin, also brought such a gift, since Meng De has the intention to resolve the conflict, cloth also can't mean, go back to tell Meng De, this thing, when it didn't happen, but this kind of thing, but one and can't, next time can't be so easy to talk about."

Lyu3 bu4 nodded, dressed, striding to the door."Master wise." Giffin smiled and said, "Master, have you ever heard of Montenegro White Water?""Good for you!" Zhang embroidery drank loudly, head-on, point the gun distracted and stabbed, a handsome haoshuai haven't had time to wave weapons, was zhang embroidery a gun pick dismount, gun a turn, block another haoshuai attack, then like lightning a gun pick each other's throat.paofangwuyuetian|





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