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肉肉了辣文|山东冠县在家加工活"They're coming, general! Gao shun in the army, a lookout back thousands of miles of mirror,"Closed in?" Gao shun corner of the mouth led a sneer: "shield soldiers end! A long line of words!"War to this extent, spell now is consumption, according to today's casualties than, seibel force can do one to five, but with many guarding city instrument and the damaged crossbows, on the wall of the twelve ares crossbow is now completely discarded, and although the arrows in the city has enough reserves, but in men's hand crossbows but not enough to replace, high-intensity combat more than a month in a row, many soldiers crossbows were damaged, and the number in improving, from the beginning of the can from the beginning to the end with bows and arrows to suppress the enemy, until now, there have been a lot of crossbow hand have to pick up the shield or a spear, join melee.At a distance, a rider was seen galloping over the post road. Behind him, several shadows were approaching rapidly.

"Can jingzhou army's grain field ever be confirmed?" Lv meng have lost count of how many times did the week yu mentioned this matter, lv meng and said seriously: "our report has been confirmed, jingzhou of hay every day to nanyang, tuen mun in the bayou, and shipped to the front line of grain is also starting from 13 sent to the front line, just 13 fortified, our report to cannot get in, the chief but worry there are cheat?"However old and noble want to avoid trouble person, liu zhang is not willing apparently, had tasted sweet he is not willing to stop at this point, so-called person sits in the home, misfortune comes from the sky.肉肉了辣文|"No definitive information." Shaking his head, the nighthawk bowed.

肉肉了辣文|Pound frowned and waved. "projectile!""Unlucky! < / p > < p > the vast sea will stop in the gate of the wooden beast to drag in, the gate will be closed again, the distance, liu bei began to sing gold, row after row of wooden beast protection soldiers began to retreat, the vast sea although want to go up to rush to kill, but there is a military command in the body he must not break, can only take people on the wall to restore."Zi Ming, you don't have to accompany me, go to rest first." Zhou yu looked up at the sleepy lv meng and smiled.

< / p > < p > a few pro wei wen, promised a sound, quickly came to the shield before the two soldiers will be hands buckle, the third pro wei directly on the arms of two people, with the help of two people jumped into the air, the shield inside."Lord, what brings you here?" Yi que pass, in charge of yi que pass war pang DE and wei yue stepped forward, after paying homage to lu bu, some puzzled to see lu bu."Ready for the crossbow! The vast sea was not surprised but pleased, and the soldiers were not allowed to control the gate. This situation of a large number of enemy troops coming in within the narrow area was just enough to raise the power of the crossbow to the maximum.肉肉了辣文|




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