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宝贝儿你已经湿透了|capCao jun was indeed brave and brave, but lu bu's army could be the best choice out of the most elite soldiers, not only physical strength, but also proficient in all kinds of combat."Is not against the Lord to promote the rule of law, but I yizhou and guanzhong situation is different, the rule of law is indeed the way of the rich country and strong people, but above the measurement, also please Lord think twice, some things, lu bu do, Lord but can not do! Wang lei kowtowed."Shorts? Bass?" Zhang song glanced over the list. Some he knew, some he had never heard.

Compared the zhangs' is not established in the shu, huanghe river can become a family of one hundred, the precipitation in the shu dynasty is much thicker than the central plains, central plains, after all, although busy, but is close to the emperor, the so-called accompany such as with the tiger, although easier to riches and honour, but also easy to property out, and different in shu, mountain is high and the emperor is far away, in this case, hundreds of years, have a family, and even some old family existed from the pre-qin period, and even earlier, like the zhangs' family in one hundred, if in the central plains, is already a big family, I'm afraid, but in the shu, status is awkward."Shoot arrows! Almost instantaneously, the warriors who emerged from beneath their wooden armor were engulfed by a thousand arrows.宝贝儿你已经湿透了|"The shield. Sword and shield ready!"

宝贝儿你已经湿透了|Originally got the command of fu wan, send the secret out of the city, according to the command of fu wan at that time, the secret to the hands of liu biao, after all, now there are few of the world's princes, liu biao is a royal flag, can be cited as foreign aid."Send a few men to stay and act as their men." Zhou yu nodded: "don't let them discover the flaw.""General miaocai should not underestimate the influence of this Chinese book on the silk road." At bitterness sigh a way: "lyu3 bu4 fulfilled his promise, and ultimately survived five thousand coalition nations, have been awarded han, lyu3 bu4 and many excellent performers have a title of honor of Lord, by this point, can not only enjoy the treatment efficiencies, can join the army into the military, enjoy the benefit of the lu army soldiers under."

"Shubi, do not underestimate the enemy!" Sun jing stood aside, looked at the opposite has been smiling face of liu bei, frowning way."This...... "Ford embarrassed way:" three ye, army secret!Although the atmosphere became a little awkward, cao cao seemed not to feel the general, called the people into the account again, only this time, sun jing uncle and nephew was obviously ignored many, but cao cao as a strong and brave side, to meet people, naturally has his own set of skills, a short time later, the atmosphere was warm up again.宝贝儿你已经湿透了|




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