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kaerntner麻木通"Timothy brothers, have you ever thought of joining us xianbei king's court?" This is not the first time step root put forward the invitation, but the last time and this time, the situation is obviously different, looking at lyu3 bu4, step root seriously way: "don't you see it?" The huns have no, you have done good enough, unfortunately, sometimes fate is not human can defy, join us, I believe, as long as you want, we can make a big thing together. "Steps are silent, The grasslands do not attach much importance to race, Xianbei is absorbed many tribes to form a huge race, but temuzhen ability is too big, and some unruly character, is not too good to control, he understood his brother's concern, just at the moment, has reached the critical juncture of life and death, also holding such a mind, this capacity, is some small.

Originally with three thousand elite, mighty came to the western regions, thought the governors of the central plains can't do, when a local emperor in the western regions is worth the life.Trial with said, hurriedly put the wave, let already falling in grant hold of the two guards left, smiling at lombardi way: "lyu3 bu4 in the battle of hetao, after defeating the huns, in the north prestige increased greatly, bing zhang he alone, it is better to let the note to bing, adjuvant trial."In the king's account, Ule will this battle, the original said again, including lyu3 bu4 suspected inside the king's court, plot, throw a false plan, make Kirby can divide the troops, then bypass hetao, day v night, sneak attack on the five tribal alliance, to the last lyu3 bu4 account of those words, said to the head of the kui once in all.kaerntner"Gentlemen, lombardi is defeated, but the force has not cut too much, now station troops YangWu, still into the pressure, such as the alternative?" Cao cao rubbed his eyebrows, looked at them.

kaerntner"Yes!" Coss looked at a bright, couldn't help but praise to drink, expert a hand, then know, Chen Xing follow lyu3 bu4 battle for a long time, usually, lyu3 bu4 for these things also never stingy guidance, Chen Xing martial arts, than at the beginning of great progress, a stab, quite hot, coss, a sword in his hand, line up Chen Xing shot, a knife."No, there's still a lot of work to be done." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 motioned for the people to retreat, began to think about bing situation.

The minister promised, Arrange for someone to converge Chen Xing's body, Wei Yan ordered people to restrain Chen Xing's defeated army, Five thousand troops, Unexpectedly was coss killed more than two thousand people, Heart not hate, and life will bring three thousand foot soldiers back to luoyang, by wei more temporary commander in chief, he led the troops back to tiger fastened shut, meng jin was taken, equal to lyu3 bu4 predetermined line of defense was cao cao opened a gap, then no matter how wei yan to play, meng jin is a hidden danger, must take meng jin back from coss as soon as possible."Ha ha, sure enough, but Ziyuan, not to hide, the army only half a year of grain."Master." Handsome account in a dark, xu chu strapping into the body.kaerntner




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