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reversefind郦志隆降压表销售点"Why should we listen to cao cao?" One hundred li to the east of yecheng, feng li, general under yuan shang, as yuan shang's pioneer officer, sent away cao cao's messenger."Yi DE, that's why I dare not take you there!" Liu bei hated iron not to become steel of looking at zhang fei, bitter way: "you my brothers 3 people, since the chaos of the yellow turban already acquaintance, the intersection, this nearly 20 years come, big rise and fall greatly, experienced numerous strong wind big wave, for the elder brother can have censure you? Now I wait for a good foothold jingxiang, CAI MAO easy to kill, but after killing him? You and I continue to roam the world? If so, when?""He has not yet reached chang 'an and is now in luoyang to assist gao shun in fighting the enemy. However, he has persuaded jiang dong to send troops to attack jingzhou. Chen gong nodded and smiled and said, "congratulations to the Lord, the lady has also come back, and the Lord has brought two generals."

"Or different degree to see the real." CAI MAO said with a smile: "so, please write to general cao ren, we bypass the tiger prison, from the edge of meng jin kou, direct attack luoyang!"Han rongda said with a smile, "there is an old general lian Po, who can still go into battle when he is over seventy years old. I am still young, and today zhang liao's son knows that the old man should not be insulted!"Gao shun a shield, dial block around the arrow, cold issued a command, as a general, in peacetime can share the joys and hardships with the soldiers, like brothers, but once on the battlefield, as a general, his first thing, is to win the battle, mercy not zhang bing, must not adulterate a bit of personal emotion in it.reversefindCao cao, yuan shang and yuan tan were so worried that they went to fight lv bu. Instead of taking lv bu down, they took one from their own side.

reversefind"Huh?" CAI MAO is practicing, wen yan frowned, put down the pen and ink, turned to see the confidant will: "what happened?""General, they're all gone. If we don't run, we won't get away!" "A ministry will cry."Slaves? Chen gong did not understand looking at lu bu.

In the past yuan fu, lu bu, jia xu, li ru and fa were sitting around a table. The atmosphere was just like the sky outside with a strong sense of oppression.Means in the beginning, zhang liao is relatively soft, after the occupation of the city as long as the family no longer resist, don't embarrass the family, after all, lyu3 bu4 governance place in the future, to be honest, is needs the help of these family squire, unfortunately, zhang liao soft exchange is joined forces to fight between tide, who organizes people resist lyu3 bu4 rule, not only more secretly contact cao cao, support cao cao north, many of the city just fall today, tomorrow after a walk will be rebellious, once let zhang liao in between Scylla and Charybdis, cut off the route for providing foodstuff.reversefind





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