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梓ユイ|首邦育发液"Ziyuan, you're drunk!" Cao cao helplessly waved, the original good mood completely lost, looked at xu togeher, smiled and said: "after all, it is a trouble, if lyu3 bu4 from tiger fastened troops in the future, our army can not defend!"But this is just the sword go partial, the art of war is cloud, with just, with strange victory, lyu3 bu4 in odd word, has almost out of their own way, but with his growing power, odd word, after all, can't hold for a long time, the sword go partial, although often get huge benefits, but as long as the wrong step, accompanied by, is the corresponding risk.The last word fell, lyu3 bu4 palm suddenly force, furious force on wang yong's head, in a county soldiers panic, wang yong's head suddenly disappeared, the whole accent is up a piece, was lyu3 bu4 a slap directly into the head into the accent.

Zhang gu will satrap mansion vacated to settle lyu3 bu4 line, went to eat.In contrast, the west cool and harmony state intelligence will be gentle, after the beginning of the spring, zhang liao to xu sheng, chen xing, won the wudu county, zhang both with hands personally to wudu county in charge of governance, within this year, should be able to get hundreds of people, lyu3 bu4 for now, every additional population, the future is more than a deposit.Xianbei court, when wule with nearly twenty thousand troops, mighty arrived at the king's court, kui head almost can't believe his eyes.梓ユイ|"Oh? Lyu3 bu4 wrote poetry?" Cao cao surprised looked at the country, he knew lyu3 bu4 once did the main book, the pen is good, once tiger step two huai, a letter run of yuan almost vomiting blood, but never heard lyu3 bu4 will make poetry! Now some can't wait to unfold bamboo paper.

梓ユイ|"Oh ~" for a long time, repeatedly read the newspaper several times, giffin finally shook his head, should laugh."Hmm?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned: "What is it?"Wei Yan first step to tiger fastened shut, Responsible for tiger fastened shut dozens of old pawn saw Wei Yanjun powerful, Dare not resist at all, Then opened the gate, the dozens of old pawn nominally belongs to the court, if coss can get to a step earlier, will be a different situation, unfortunately, there is no if in the world, coss into the tiger fastened shut nature don't need to intimidate, the other side of the old pawn directly opened the gate, and wei yan at the moment has not had time to occupy the whole checkpoint.

"Afraid of you!" Coss was wei yan yesterday, at the moment successfully ambushed to Chen Xing troops, finally out of the chest a malevolent, smell speech without hesitation clap dance knife, toward Chen Xing killed.D is about to pursue, around zhang he QinWei has been desperate to kill up, block d's way, d angry crowns, silver gun opened and closed in hand, between the need to bull, even kill a dozen knights, just look at it, which also has zhang he figure."Today, Kifu Goyang has offended, but it is because the Temuzhen first attacked our tribe in the first place, also please see Wang Ting in the past, let me wait to leave, I would like to leave all the women and cattle and sheep. After all, begging Fu Ge Yang pressed down the heart of the gloom, immediately bowed to the step of root.梓ユイ|




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