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埃章国际教育信息网|纯果肤立白"Kwan general Ann?" Huang Zhong will kill Jiangdong military forces scattered, And no chase, turned and dismounted, But see more than a dozen soldiers will guan yu dead in the middle, at the moment see huang zhong to come over, just let go of a way, huang zhong hurriedly went to see, but see guan yu face although gray, but the arrow is not enough to kill, not from a slight sigh of relief, he was ordered to rescue guan yu, if there is something wrong with guan yu, liu bei there is not good to explain.Ma expressionless, but also did not retort, silently follow behind lu zheng, can live a little longer, who want to die early?Guan Yu smell speech also did not refute, Maybe so, But Yin Lingcheng break not break he doesn't know, but if you insist for a while, his soldiers are to collapse, not morale, but physical strength, the more later, the greater the casualties, guan yu has felt an unusual, jiangdong army this is in exchange for time, but also to consume guan yu's spirit, prepare for the rhythm of the battle.

"Kill!" A group of jingzhou soldiers roared up the weapon, followed guan yu back to kill.More importantly, without the command of zhang fei, jingzhou army has begun to some chaos, and the guanzhong military forces, even without the command of wei yan, is still with tacit understanding, advance and retreat, just for a while, jingzhou army has loomed a rout, let zhang fei good not depressed."Young master, what has happened?" Jiang wei stood behind lu zheng, asked doubtfully.埃章国际教育信息网|Growing up in different environments, There are also different ways of thinking, If lyu3 bu4 is here, Knowing someone was planning a rebellion, I'm afraid I'll just sit here with Damascus Golden Blade, Although Lu Zheng also killed people, On the battlefield, but usually is the object of protection, there is no lyu3 bu4 so much experience, nature can't be like lyu3 bu4 even know the danger, can still be in the center of the storm, although looks very bold, but once lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 forces, is absolutely a devastating blow.

埃章国际教育信息网|"Cao cao also sent troops?" Zhuge liang face a change, sink a track.Watching the weapons of wu guan stubble after stubble of change, every day can only shoot targets, occasionally there is an enemy, or a counseling package, a random arrow down on the rest of the dish.Guan yu is watching the battle in the array, suddenly a tight heart, years of war honed out of the instinct let him subconsciously hide, only listen to sting a light ring, head a light, but is tassel helmet was shot down, if not he hide in time, this arrow, I'm afraid it will hit his head.

Exquisite Tea Bowls After Sun Quan heard the news of the defeat at the front, with an involuntary tremor in the palm of his hand, Left on the ground, Yin ling was broken, lu su was captured, he qi withdrew with the remnants of the soldiers, sun quan no matter what didn't expect lu su will lose so fast, distracted looking at the soldiers in front of him, sun quan for a moment, only to knock over the schisandra, this time, he really miss zhou yu, if he were here, the situation at least won't erode to this point.And Sun Quan saw Jiang Xia, After taking a firm foothold, While jingzhou because of internal emptiness, step by step press, although tracing the cause has advised sun quan to close, just jiangdong people a main battle, lv meng is across the han river, step by step press, jiangdong people high spirits, finally, after weighing the sun quan, decided to break jingzhou first, and invited lyu3 bu4 to send troops ique guan, contain guan yu's nanyang military forces.They looked at lu zheng in horror, it is hard to imagine that seems not strong body, unexpectedly contains such a terrible force.埃章国际教育信息网|




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