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大城和香|通络灸"Master, now that the huns have come, with our forces, can be broken by force, why don't you call the ministries?" Cheng Yin frown way."Gongtai, I know what you mean, the moment we want to give priority to stability, as long as the million people can settle down, over time, will be able to train an army, then Korea hence, marten will not be afraid, can be right?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Chen gong, seriously."Here!" Lieutenant smell speech, no longer say more, nodded, army set out again, bypassing fu ping, went straight to the direction of mud Yang, just not long ago, the front is a routed army.

"You are quite familiar with military affairs, temporarily leading, training military forces." Zhong yao sink a track."Master, now..." Liang Xing twisted his head, looked at Korea hence.When the first ray of early morning sunshine into the pavilion, lyu3 bu4 slowly opened his eyes, since crossing, this time is absolutely the deepest sleep, also surprisingly did not enter the dream battlefield to train.大城和香|"Longxi!?" Korea hence smell speech frightened, hurriedly a few steps forward, a grab each other's hand bamboo paper, at a glance at it, face gradually turned pale.

大城和香|"Kaesong!""Can't, so fight on, not only kill the huns, our brothers, also will be folded in wuwei!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and dryly swallowed his saliva: "Now only soldiers line dangerous recruits, besieging the wei to save zhao, let the huns withdraw their troops, the rest, can only believe pound!"At the moment two people's heart is a little heavy, and xu chu nodded after the ceremony, then hurried to the chamber.

After the Han army, It's 8,000 relatively scattered Moon warriors, They don't know why they're fighting this war, But now, Living on the prairie, In the face of such a full-line impact of the huns, Back, only a dead end, the han people block in front of them, also let them have a sense of common hatred, at least in the past in the history of co-operation with the han people, they have always been as cannon fodder block in front of the han people, the han people will be the most difficult position to resist themselves, won the recognition of these people.Although lyu3 bu4 is now a threat, but in fact, there are luoyang and hanoi the two buffer zone, zhong yao believe, whether lombardi or cao cao, this time will not ignore lyu3 bu4, when the two sides to determine the northern hegemony, want to tidy up lyu3 bu4, afraid it will be difficult.No one answered, some of the huns have ill-intentioned eyes to the santa, more people, but quietly opened the distance between and santa.大城和香|





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