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最强大脑李威作弊|青稞酒代理In order to prevent lv bu to take advantage of disorder sneak attack, liu bao one breath ordered 10 thousand troops to patrol all round, once the other side was taking advantage of oneself to establish camp when sneak attack, attack immediately, trap horse pit became oneself side limitation while, also restricting the cavalry of the other side likewise."Lord, if things go on like this, I am afraid that the surplus grain and straw in your storehouse will not support the plan to march on the river after spring." Chen gong looked at lv bu helplessly. He naturally knew that if he wanted to appease the public, it would be the best thing to do."Be!" < / p > < p > han DE said no more, a roar, 100 rhubarb crossbow at the same time to shoot arrows, the voice of the piercing roar tore up yuan jun's armor, a knight was broken and came to the crossbow directly tore the body, blood red ground oweless horse wandering in the street at a loss to look at the master's body is not willing to leave.

At least lu bu in this time the battle of the xiongnu, is to wash some of their own, as for the central plains, lu bu's reputation is still rotten street."Camp or carpenter's camp?" Jia xu said uncertainly, during this period of time, lu bu was not training horses and soldiers every day, or gathered a bunch of craftsmen to set up a carpenter camp, every day jingling pound, even jia xu did not know what lu bu was pounding.This row crossbow is the failure of the artisan camp when study even crossbows, each frame can simultaneously nine missiles JianCu, and according to lu bu, the nine JianCu launch is a fan-shaped direction, strength, although lost many, but within fifty paces, a layer of armor, and still can penetrate and fills to save trouble, have special well crossbow box, can advance to nine was good, fixed on the special stent, directly above the crossbow bracket will be taken when using, the crossbow box according to go up, even than fills a crossbow arrow was easy.最强大脑李威作弊|Xuan spend big axe with a bunch of lightning, with a cold front is cold, prey to lu bu his forehead, the axe is tried an axe, no left hand, also do not give oneself leave a little leeway, not you die, is I die, for the axe, Korea's fierce have absolute confidence, is the strongest war as hebei lamere sitton, under the axe, also get pitted, he did not think lu bu will be strong enough to ignore the axe.

最强大脑李威作弊|"All will obey!" Zhang liao stood up, looked at all the generals under his command, and said, "prepare for the battle. Tell those qiang people that their Lao wang has been killed by han sui. If you want revenge, take up arms and go with us to fight han sui!""Well, send for one later." "Animal trainers are also a scarce industry, but compared with training monkeys, lu is more interested in training hawks and pigeons. In this era of backward information flow, if a group of flying pigeons can be trained, it can greatly improve the efficiency of his work.Li ru was not impressed. He continued, "general zhang liao did not know about the arrangement of han sui when he first came here.

< / p > < p > lu lingqi was about to enter the camp, the majestic sea came to the front, hurriedly bow way: "ling qi met uncle xiong!"Chapter 21 the beginning of the battle of guandu"Do you know why I don't want you as my general?"最强大脑李威作弊|




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