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好博haobc银根胶囊This battle, can't fight any more, fight again, CAI's house is in danger!"We have time." Lyu3 bu4 knocked on the table, looking at at present this plan book way: "at least first want our foundation to lay firm, take each big old and noble family as an example, interest top establish new interest structure, of course, must fall in advantageous circumstance, and can prove our ability to create the interest that come out, enough satisfy old and noble demand!"Really do so, then don't strange to be around their breath to drown, but also don't expect to find reasons things out here, lyu3 bu4 now although in bing, but for harmony cool control force is very strong, is different from other regions, because of lyu3 bu4 to implement the rule of law, from the start, consciously establish the credibility of government in the folk, so cool in harmony, hetao these places, the credibility of government is far higher than the family of giants, the people are more willing to believe that bring them tangible benefits government rather than family, and in lyu3 bu4 turf to denigrate lyu3 bu4, is dependent on government do not give you up?

"A good plan is not worth while." Guo xin hurriedly gongshou said, "when general bogui fought with liu yu in the past, after liu yu lost the battle, he found that the family members of liu yu house tried to escape by secret road, but was stopped by general bogui. This secret road leads to the city, if you can find it, you can break the enemy with one action."Send other troops and horses to attack yuan tan as soon as possible!" Yuan shang took a look at the crowd in the rear, yuan tan banner, cold hum a way.Trembling, the messenger told li dian zhongfu's news again. Cao cao swayed slightly and looked at the messenger, saying, "that is to say, lu bu's army and horses in hedong have been transferred to luoyang?"好博haobc"Whew ~"

好博haobcPerhaps they had run away again?Zhuge liang to see off, but had to accept, the next morning, liu bei CAI with guan zhang all the way and zhuge liang talk about the past and the present, back to nanyang, and cui zhou ping, shi guangyuan and others meet, it is a narrative."Ho!" Zhaoyun eyes red, the moment point out ten thousand cold star, liu guan zhang three people forced to back, a support lu lingqi, cold face to see three people, at this moment, renyi dun thick liu bei, yi bo yuntian guan yu and foolish-minded zhang fei in the eyes of zhaoyun image changed.

The ramshackle stockade wall finally could not support the surging attack, accompanied by a raspy muffled sound, a large section of stockade wall fell down, guards on the stockade wall of the soldiers dancing down, the siege of the copycatted bandits cheered, towards the break.Xu chu arms, the strength of the whole body on a hammer, at the moment of the terror of lv bu, xu chu has beyond the scope of bear, he did not know whether he had the opportunity to meet lv bu's second move, so he will all the strength of this move, not successful, then become.Scribe Addis don't know, the military, there is no impression Addis, but their armor Addis recognized, a title of generals in ancient times part of the equipment, in the world is the only one, there is no semicolon, other governors, even if want to imitate is not easy, a title of generals in ancient times who that special momentum is not people to imitate.好博haobc




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