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海角岗哨康掌柜"Lord hui, there is no other face holy." Tiger guard leader bow way.In the face of zhang liao side of the terrible arrow rain attack, xiahou yuan dare not again hard touch, can only retreat camp, keep the camp, waiting for the arrival of follow-up baggage."Hey, general huang, this words Lao zhang I is not letter, you want true ability, how can let liu jingzhou be CAI MAO to intimidate?"

"When are you going to send troops, general?" Orchid zhan languid is lazy voice after itself, some hard up, let slip the skin like silk was along the smooth silks and satins, lyu3 bu4 yesterday after consulting with all men, in order to determine your frost countries, specifically to the quartet to find LAN temple zhan asked one night, old lovers meet, wipe gun off accidentally, also is inevitable, well, that's it."Fifty paces! The first troops who had just been driven out began to turn around and attack again. Zhang liao's right arm raised high split down sharply: "crossbowman, shoot me!"Zhang lu incredible looking at this group of subordinates, and looked at the Yang song has expired, a time of mixed feelings, it was these people support their position, to now, these years he has never wronged these people, now the disaster is approaching, no one is willing to support him, the general trend is gone, the general trend is really gone?海角岗哨Luneng and ma tie also killed from the two wings at the same time, the intensive arrows will kill the cao army of the river of blood, in the case of enough distance, lu bu army crossbow is definitely a big kill weapon.

海角岗哨Then, under the black face of lv bu, lv zheng actually recognized the nod.Car after car hit the gate, the strong wall in the trembling."What is it, stamen?" Lyu3 bu4 look toward rui son to ask.

Lv bu shook his head and looked at the nightingale and said, "I want the nightingale to find out the whereabouts of Fred as soon as possible."What are our war losses? Zhang liao looked a little ugly, although the battle won, but the other side launched the kind of strange chongcheng car or break through their defense, if not captured ye cheng, the consequences are unimaginable.海角岗哨




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